Men in Las Vegas wax! The smooth operator gets his Brazilian and body waxing at .

Axiom offers full body hair removal with several waxes for every skin type and area.

Axiom uses anesthetic for a more pain-less Brazilian experience. Take edge off, wax and relax.

Axiom is where the well groomed man gets his sexy back.

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Manscaping or sack and crack waxixing or any body waxing for men in Las Vegas is welcome and appreciated at Axiom Spa In Henderson For Male Waxing .

We are experienced in male hair removal with a variety of waxes for the body and special waxes for sensitive areas. We have specialty waxes just for men! Back waxing requires a different wax and technique than Brazilians!

Brazilian waxing is unique for men. We use a fantasitic wax just for the guys. Oh yes…. We now offer free anesthetic to numb the area for a more comfortable experience. We do all we can to ensure a more pain-less procedure.

Waxing takes time. We don’t rush. We are not cheap so we must do as many clients as possible. We charge a reasonable price and give you the time and attention you deserve.

Brazilian and body waxing for men in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Top Brazilian And Body Waxing

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